Hitting the expo | The National Tide SCOYCO, a strong attack

Release time:2020-09-19

The Expo 2020 kicked off at Chongqing International Expo Center on Sunday. The number of visitors to this year's Expo far exceeded that of last year, and the popularity and enthusiasm of SCOYCO's booth was beyond imagination. There was even a long queue at the front desk of the booth.



This year's Expo, both product and brand positioning, SCOYCO have some obvious changes. Yes, careful friends should find that our LOGO has been upgraded this year, which highlights the brand slogan "more than protection". The overall brand image and products are integrated into the trend and technology elements. In fact, the cycling equipment can also keep up with the trend of The Times and become more fashionable and lifestyle. In this exhibition, the Chinese quintessence of dance lion elements, the dance lion into the booth design, so that the booth more Chinese charm, to create a new force of Guocao. In addition to the whole category of equipment display on the booth, there are cheongsam beauty welfare, to the motorcycle friends on the spot tattoo stickers, playing with the new fashion. The scene shook the game is the scene atmosphere to the climax.



Lion dance culture products

The concept of "cross-border" integration is not only reflected in the way of display, but also integrated into the development of new products, injecting vitality into cycling equipment, which is an interesting and trendy collision. Booth before the lion culture wall stopped Mo friends in an endless stream, alone group pet.

Intelligent electric vest

The electric vest was also displayed on the site. Carbon fiber heating material heats up in 3 seconds and generates heat through connecting the charging bank, which is environmentally friendly and radiation-free. Waist temperature setting button, the highest temperature reaches 60 degrees. The hot parts of the vest are mainly the back of the neck, the front abdomen and the back, which can cover the parts of the body prone to cold. It is a good welfare for the motorcycle friends in the north, as long as the hand with a charging bank can provide enough heat for the body.

Technology and trend are the positioning of SCOYCO brand. In the future, we will continue to integrate more elements of black technology and motorcycle culture while protecting and aesthetic design, so as to make cycling more fashionable and lifestyle, and commit to providing better cycling for domestic and global cycling enthusiasts

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