2021 Knightmare Travel Party event Guangdong Station Perfect Ending

Release time:2021-12-10

On December 5th, the Wuyang-Honda Rider Motorcycle Party came to a successful conclusion at Enping Station in Guangdong Province. Nearly 500 motorcycle enthusiasts from Guangdong gathered for this grand party, which was a motorcycle feast exclusively for riders. With multi-scene riding experience as the core, this activity, supported by new cars and protective equipment display, interactive games and motorcycle friends cruise, has created a happy and lively weekend party of motorcycle riding!




More than 500 riders from Guangdong Province gathered at the event, and the huge parking lot was filled with all kinds of locomotives. In addition to the experience area of unpaved road, fun area of track, experience area of pile winding, challenge area of single-log bridge and exhibition area of new cars, this activity has also enriched the experience link and game area.



Enping Station is the third stop and the final stop. You can really feel the enthusiasm of the organizer to provide a unique experience for the riders on the site. Different categories of riding equipment brands also participated in this knight party, bringing "fun", "easy to use" and "beautiful" all kinds of good things for the knights.



As a long-term strategic partner of Wuyang Honda, SCOYCO certainly could not miss such a grand party, the original intention of the knight riding escort.


In this activity, Seyu was presented as a brightly colored inflatable arched tent, which injected more fashionable and sports elements and space. The booth displayed new clothing, gloves, boots and protective gear of different models, attracting many knights to stop and inquire.


In order to thank the knights for their support, SCOYCO also planned a wealth of small gifts. The activity attracted a large number of knights to participate in the event. The enthusiasm was high, and every friend who came to SCOYCO's booth was full of gifts.


After the rich and full day activities, the organizers also arranged a feast and dancing in the evening to make everyone relax and happy. In order to thank the majority of motorcycle friends for their support and love, the evening event feather in addition to sponsoring the second and third prize of the time trial, there are also local dealers for you to prepare cycling equipment for the whole activity of the raffle gift, the scene crazy gift, let everyone home.

At this point, the Five-Yang-Honda Knight Motorcycle Travel party is over, and we will see you again next year!

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